The air specialist for travel professionals.

At Aerobroker we apply a work method that is specifically designed to provide the best service possible. We understand your needs and anticipate your concerns, which is why our travel operations are organised to achieve the greatest convenience for you and your customers.


Operational services for your company

Flight accompaniment

Aerobroker provides an exclusive in-flight accompaniment service that ensures airport procedures are trouble-free. Travel with peace of mind and let us take care of everything.


Project manager exclusively assigned to each project

Every project contracted with Aerobroker is assigned a specific executive who personally manages and monitors it step by step. This ensures that everything is under control and that you are in contact with just one professional who has in-depth knowledge of your project.

Open-ended projects. 24/7 management of new needs or services

For us, a journey is a live process; this is why our projects are also open to the changes you or your customers may need at any moment. We take care of everything, from managing new requirements to contracting services that were not included at the start of the project.


Instant response system

Our staff will work to resolve any incidents that may arise during a journey as soon as they occur, and you are guaranteed to receive the best and fastest response. We always aim to minimize passenger inconvenience.

Aerobroker insurance

Organise your flights without surprises. At Aerobroker we offer customised insurance plans to protect your passengers’ flight connections.


“5 senses” corporate brand optimisation service

Trust our team to offer consultation services on the best travel experience for your customers. Explore the “5 senses” options by Aerobroker and customise the in-flight service, from personalised menus, visual experience and welcome music to exotic cocktails. Ask our executives for further information.

Call us, explain your needs and enjoy the peace of mind of working with the best team.